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by Lee Mackenzie - author, artist, broadcaster

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The Globe & Mail

Lee Mackenzie had brains, looks and talent. Born in Ladysmith, on Vancouver Island, she went on to a highly successful career in broadcast journalism, anchoring with CBC-TV in Halifax and CBC Radio in London. So how could she fall for a con man who very nearly destroyed her and who managed to spread lies and misery across three continents? For every time you've read a tale of the criminal's wife (Ruth Madoff, are you listening?) and wondered "How did she not know?", this is your answer. Mackenzie was used to rural Canadian life, where people left doors open and believed what they heard. She was backpacking in Britain when she met Kenner Jones, who seemed to be the epitome of every woman's fantasy. Good-looking, highly intelligent and full of charm, he wooed her and dazzled every one of her friends and family. The story unfolds in a sadly predictable fashion, with Jones crushing Mackenzie's spirit, insulting her intelligence, leaving her a shell, broke and fearful. How he does it, how she got out of the trap and how he managed to slip out of Canada and spread his cons elsewhere make this true-crime book solid reading. This is a reminder of the old P.D. James maxim that love is truly the most dangerous emotion.

The Times Colonist

Back in the 1980s, former CHEK-TV broadcaster Lee Mackenzie married a con man who swindled her, told people she was “dying” and even pilfered her costume jewelry.

Mackenzie says the worst thing her ex-husband Kenner Jones did was “making me believe that someone was coming to kill me.” That night she sat terrified with only a fire poker in her hand to defend herself. The experience was so stressful, a then-pregnant Mackenzie miscarried.

“That has had the most long-lasting effect, to this day,” the 64-year-old told the Times Colonist recently.

It turned out that Jones fabricated the killer story. However, Mackenzie’s marital situation was genuinely dangerous. Once, after Jones was packed off to a Nanaimo psychiatric ward, a psychiatrist told Mackenzie her husband was a narcissistic sociopath who could potentially kill her.

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