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by Lee Mackenzie - author, artist, broadcaster

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She fell in love with him, they married and then she found out who he was: a con man who was determined to destroy her.

The best selling story of Lee Mackenzie, a capable and confident young woman studying broadcast journalism and honing her skills of observation and objectivity. She was also a little unworldly, the product of a small, rural Western Canadian community where doors were never locked and life was simple and direct. On a backpacking trip in the UK, she met the man who would become her husband. A man who everyone agreed was one of the most intelligent, charming people they had ever met. Easy to like, easy to believe. Easy to love. A man without mercy who shattered her emotionally, psychologically and financially.

Decades later, Kenner Jones is at large today, having committed crimes around the world under a series of fake names and personas. He has been described—by a seasoned US immigration officer—as "the best con man I have ever encountered."

No one got closer to Kenner Jones than Lee Mackenzie. In The Charming Predator, he is unmasked for the first time.